Designers To Watch: Byas & Leon

Designer team Rony Byas and Harvey Leon with the Renaissance Coat / Freddie Rankin II

Designer team Rony Byas and Harvey Leon with the Renaissance Coat / Freddie Rankin II

NEW YORK, United States - Two young men take the floor at Kinfolk surrounded by friends and family to launch the season 3 collection of their genderless fashion brand Byas & Leon. Led by friends Rony Byas and Harvey Leon, the collection was minimal and mission-driven.

The mission is quite simple. Through their fashion brand, they will invest in infrastructure and in the consciousness of the artisans they partner with in Haiti. A historically impoverished island, Haiti is at best known for being the only enslaved nation to gain independence through revolt and at worst known as the unfortunate recipient of catastrophic natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew that recently wreaked havoc and death tolls in the rural countrysides. The focus of the brand is firmly on providing opportunities for their fellow Haitians and inspiring these artisans to not only work to a higher level, but also to live at a higher level. Leon put it best, "to invest in their humanity."

The Byas & Leon Renaissance Coat  / Freddie Rankin II

The Byas & Leon Renaissance Coat / Freddie Rankin II

After spending 11 days in Northern Haiti's Cap-Haitien, the two designers returned to New York with their newest piece, the Renaissance coat. Deemed a "rebirth of the Byas & Leon consciousness and the beginning of a new era for Haitians," the coat of laundered denim evokes effortless functionality. Equally rugged as it is timeless, the coat resembles that worn by a traditional tradesperson, someone who no doubt worked with their hands and took pride in their respectability. No detail left unattended to, antique lions head brass buttons line the coat while corduroy overlays at the cuffs and the collar. 

Uniquely, the artisans that crafted these coats had never done so before given the warmer climates in Haiti. There will only be 50 editions of the Renaissance coat, with each inscribed by a numbered brass coin. Byas assures that the denim coat will age with you graciously. Now who wouldn't want that, a perfect investment piece - both for your closet and the artisans of Haiti?

Purchase your limited edition Renaissance Coat by Byas & Leon for $299 here.