Questions with Post-Imperial President Niyi Okuboyejo

In the midst of a busy week with the MAN / WOMAN Trade Show in New York, Niyi Okuboyejo, president of Post-Imperial, took some time to answer our perennial questions. Okuboyejo started Post-Imperial in 2012 and has quickly grown the contemporary menswear label through consistent output of bold separates, tailored blazers, and patterned accessories. Find out where he is traveling to next, his favorite dish in the city, and how he wraps each day.

Blood  by Barkley L. Hendricks

Blood by Barkley L. Hendricks

PROTOChic: First thing when you wake up?

Niyi Okuboyejo: I try to remember to pray, but then I hear email notifications go off.

PC: Memorable dish and where one can find it? 

Okuboyejo: The branzino at Bohemian in Noho. 

PC: Most recent book bought or borrowed?

Okuboyejo: Birth of the Cool - A book on the works of American painter Barkley L. Hendricks.

PC: Artist of inspiration, why?

Okuboyejo: There are a lot of artists that I look to for inspiration. At the moment, Rashid Johnson’s island installations are appealing to my senses because they remind me of cultural havens.

PC: Next travel destination?

Okuboyejo: Tokyo, Japan. I am planning a business trip to connect with stores I do business with over there.

PC: Biggest social grievance?

Okuboyejo: Entitlements and the false notion that hard work alone will bring success.

PC: Quote you find yourself going back to?

Okuboyejo: "Go with the goers" by Uncle Tunji

PC: Last thing before you close your eyes?

Okuboyejo: My kids, my wife, and my computer screen responding to emails.