Kenneth Ize: Master Blender at Arise Fashion Week

LAGOS, Nigeria - Designer Kenneth Ize has his finger on the pulse of Lagos. Since launching his eponymous label in 2013, Ize has continued to develop his expertise in tailoring inspired by his hometown. With muse du jour, Baingor Joiner and visiting host Imaan Hamman center-stage, Ize put forth his most signature motifs with a few surprise elements during Arise Fashion Week.

The opening look of his Autumn / Winter 2018 collection was a tonal striped blazer-cum-dress with wooden buttons. The pieces that followed reflected this multicolor suiting playbook - there was an oversized vest doubling as a deep V blouse and a woven suit elevated with its contrasting deep berry cuffs. Striping continued in a blouse and mini skirt combination topped with one of his iconic woven fringed scarves that appeared in blanket-sized proportions.

Ize's strength is in his master blending, effortlessly putting fabrics together to create a soothing effect; purples and pinks resembling a fading sunset and oranges and browns reminiscent of a warming fire, each iteration was even more desirable than the last. The hand-dyed cotton produced in Nigeria took shape in a elbow-length button down blouse that fell with ease. Luckily for his growing customer base from Lagos to Zurich, this season's offering was entirely wearable and without fuss.

Images courtesy of Kenneth Ize.